Life’s not about the destination. It’s about the ride…

You can ride a wave… or a horse… or a train/car/motorcycle… a bicycle… you can ride someone’s patience… or their ass. It can be a smooth ride. Or a bumpy ride. Or a short ride. Or a long ride.

But it’s always a ride.

And that’s really what life is. It’s a ride in a vehicle of flesh and bone that lasts around 75 years. Death is the destination. And who knows what happens then. As for me, I’m going to enjoy my ride, because all there is. 

It’s about letting go of expectations and results and control of the environment and people around us. And only then can we truly appreciate what’s in front of us and around us. Yes, this is a spiritual journey. And the way to spiritual enlightenment is through practice… practicing enjoying your ride and not giving a hoot about the destination.

This blog is a celebration of “rides”… any time I notice myself or those around me enjoying the journey and not thinking about the destination.

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Happy trails!